The 10 Commandments for living in a small apartment

If you are short on cash, you won’t have much of a choice for a luxury and big apartments on the beltline atlanta. All you could spend is for a small apartment; it is really small that even Mr. Frodo and Sam will have a hard time fitting in. But have no worry; I’m here bringing the ten commandments which could save you a lot of space. I’ve tried these ten commandments with my apartments on Atlanta, and it works like magic. Here it is.

  1. Thou shalt move the unnecessary item.

When you just move into a new apartment, sort out which could be helpful and which will be just a waste of space, it is a must, and you shall not wait for another day for we never know what another day will unfold * in Morgan Freeman’s voice*.

  1. Thou shalt create a system.

Make a system and for the love of all f...

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Survival Tips in living on an apartment.

Living in an apartment alone, far away from your mighty kingdom and golden throne in your house, you won’t be able to count on your parents anymore. Your friends may not be around all the time to back you up. So, you need to learn how to survive alone in case there are something unwanted such as disaster happen in your apartment complex. You don’t want to be a sitting duck or starve to death just because you are not prepared right? Or worse, you didn’t know how to prepare. Well, fear no more for I am here now *cool pose*. I have apartments on the Beltline Atlanta and here are some basic survival tips I usually prepare in case of an emergency happening.

  1. Stock up water

Rather than stocking up food, make sure you have plenty of water first hand...

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Apartment customization you could do without pissing the monster.

Yes, by the monster I mean is the landlord. Some of the disadvantages of renting an apartment are there are many restrictions given by the landlord and make your room have such a monotone feelings. But, what if there was a way to customize your room so that it will give more colorful feelings? Yes, of course, there is a way, I’ve tried in on my apartments on the Beltline Atlanta otherwise, I won’t be writing this article, though. Here are the ways to salvation. FOR THE BETTER APARTMENT!!!

  1. Use Your Photos.

What could be a better ways to decorate your room other than to stick your pictures in it? You could put the picture of you with your lover or even pictures with your family...

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9 Steps in choosing an apartment

Living in an apartment complex could give you several benefits such as the nearer place to your office or your campus. But if you don’t choose your apartment wisely, you could get yourself into an unwanted situation. Here are the steps in choosing an apartment suits best for you.

  1. Sort out your apartment criteria.

This is an important thing to do; you don’t want to waste your time in calling an apartment which is out your league of the way too far from your office or campus. You could sort out the range of the monthly rent, neighborhood and size of the apartment, proximity to work, shopping or public transportation. This way you could narrow down your list of apartment choice into a few choices with suit your criteria.

  1. Make a list of apartment that you are interested in.

After you n...

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